Simple Ways to Ease into Green with Your Kids


The party is over. Earth Day has come and gone and now you’re wondering what you can do to put into practice what you learned during all of the celebration. After all, everyday should be Earth Day, but you don’t have to be a green guru or a tree huggin’ fool (as a California native, I can say that) to show your appreciation and care of the planet.

If you’re a little stumped as to how to get started, then try one of the activities our family has enjoyed in the past and continues to enjoy. One thing to remember, keep it simple. These are easy and fun activities that can be done anytime throughout the year.

1. Start A Recycling Area at Home
Make this a simple project you and your children can do. There is no need to go and buy expensive containers. Grab some leftover cardboard boxes, let the children color or paint them, and find a convenient place to set-up your recycling area. Start with the basics and recycle glass, aluminum, plastic containers, and paper. If you are a shopper at Costco or Sam’s, then pick up a few extra cardboard boxes on your next shopping trip and use those as containers for your recycling holding area. They make convenient carriers when toting your recyclables curbside or to the recycling center and can also be recycled.

2. Plant a Tree
Last year on Earth Day, our family planted a tree in our yard. We wanted a fruit tree and since we all love apples, we decided to plant a Fuji apple tree. Check with your local gardening center to find out what trees are available and best suited for your yard. Each one of the children helped from the digging of the hole to the patting of the soil around the planted tree. They worked hard that day and also slept well that night.

3. Pick Up Garbage
We use to pass an empty and trash ridden lot on the way home. Since we were looking for a nature project to complete, it was the perfect place for us to make a difference. We slipped on our gloves and sorted the items into paper bags as we collected them. Since we were taking everything to the recycling center after the clean up, sorting it ahead of time made it easier when we went to drop the items off at the center.

4. Go for a Walk
My children and I go for a walk almost every day in the morning before school or in the evening after dinner. It is nice family time for good conversation and we get a little exercise too. We look at and smell the flowers, watch the birds fly by, collect and blow dandelions; just taking in His creative beauty.

5. Make Recycled or Natural Art
Using items that your children find outside (ex: leaves, sticks, rocks, etc.), let them make a magnificent art piece or whatever creative project(s) their imaginative minds envision. My oldest son River designed a gun on paper, went to the backyard, and collected some fallen tree branches for his project. With a little table saw help from Dad and some wood glue, he brought his vision to life. I wasn’t too happy with the gun, feelings I kept to myself, but I was very impressed with his creativity and repurposing of items to make his own homemade toy.

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