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Star Sitings – STARZ TV’s Boss and Chicago Theatre

I saw a star last night. I mean, I saw my sister…not in person. Actually, I have not seen my sister Karen at all this year, but I did see her last night and she is starring in the new STARZ Original Series Boss with Kelsey Grammar. She literally opens the show, lips and all, and get this, she is playing a doctor. Calling doctor Karen. That has a very interesting ring to it. I’m not really sure I would want her operating on me, but she could probably act her way to the front of the operating doors. Just don’t hand her a scalpel.

Kelsey Grammar plays Chicago Mayor Tom Kane who is just like any other politician – deceptive, immoral, ruthless…really, must I go on? He runs Chicago like it is his own, which in many ways it is, but as this man of power begins a new term, he is faced with a new adversary that challenges his mental and physical being. That adversary is in the form of a degenerative brain disorder that threatens his career and his position of power.

There is only one person who knows his secret…Yes, Yes, his doctor, Dr. Ella “Karen” Harris. Hmm, this could get very interesting especially since Kane does not want his secret to be revealed.

Boss is for mature audiences and I will admit that if it were not for my sister starring in it, then I would not be talking about Boss. I watched the first episode and it has enough intrigue and “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll” to keep the average audience member hooked for the season. In my older age, my eyes and ears have become a little more sensitive to what they tolerate. You can watch the trailer.

For those of you who can handle just about anything, then you can watch the first episode. For those of you who just want to see my sister, then start at the beginning of the first episode and count your minutes. She is on the screen at the very beginning and then at the following minutes of the show: 22:58, 38:23, 43:50, 57:53, and then 59:00. Thanks Dad! Yep! My family is a little weird like that.

If you happen to be local to Chicago or will be passing through sometime before November 13, then you can also catch Karen on stage in Clybourne Park at the Steppenwolf which explores racial relations in two different periods 50 years apart. In the late 1950′s, tensions are sparked in a quiet suburban neighborhood when the first black family moves in and later again in 2009 when a young white couple buys the same home, takes ownership, and plans to demolish it.

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