School is still in session

Public schools were closed this week for a couple of days due to weather, but of course, our school was open. Sometimes, I feel like the mean mommy when I don’t close our school too, but the weather had no bearing on our ability to learn. So, in between the math and language arts, Lily found some time for herself to enjoy a little creativity.

Do you shut school down when the public schools close due to weather?

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One Response to “School is still in session”

  • Comment from Tiffany

    I do not close school because of weather. In fact when I know bad weather is coming I stock up on books we need from the library etc. so that we have all we need while we are shut in. In November we were hit with an ice storm and a day before the storm came in we were at the library. The librarian looked up from her computer and told my boys Hey no school tomorrow then I said no we home school and then she said oh so you will have school tomorrow.. And I said yep.. with a smile. Unfortunately my oldest kept asking me why don’t we close our school since public school students have a day off. gggrrrr

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