A Must Before We Read

cleaning library books

It’s because they have been in unknown places…because they have been through many hands…because they will slide across our kitchen table…because we will all cuddle up in bed together with them, I wipe down all of our library books before we read them.

Do you have you a behavior(s) that may seem odd to others, but makes perfect sense to you?

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10 Responses to “A Must Before We Read”

  • Comment from Mimi

    What in the world? How have I had FOUR children and it NEVER occured to me to do this? We never talked about such a thing at any baby group! This is a stupendous idea and one I will implement any time we get something from the library from now on! Makes sense to me!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  • Comment from debi9kids

    I’m with Mimi, only I have 9 kids and never thought to do it!
    So glad you posted this!

  • I usually just make the library books dirty! :)

    But, yes, I have plenty of behaviors that make sense only to me.

  • That is a good idea!

  • Comment from JamericanSpice

    Oh dear! I thought I was the only the one to do this! I just have to because of the same reasons!

  • Comment from Danielle

    You just gave me a whole new outlook on library books! If I do this, my husband will think I’ve gone off the deep end. But it makes total sense!!!

  • Comment from Rana

    My sister does because she gets board books for Murphy man and he is in the “put everything in your mouth” stage. I never thought to do that even after hearing her say she does it for him. That is a very good idea. It might just be one of our saving graces come the winter flu months. Thanks Jennifer!

  • Comment from Jennifer

    That is one thing I have not thought of, although a librarian friend did share with me how dirty library books can be. I just might do this next time we bring home a big stack of books from the library.
    We have cleaned coins before using them to count with.

  • Comment from Kelly

    I have never thought about this! THANKS for adding to my already OCD of going to the library. ;)
    I really like your blog and am just hoping around. :)


    Sadly, I know about the OCD’s. Every once in a while, I have to check myself because it can ruin a really fun experience just because I’m having an “issues” episode. I also have to be careful about not freaking out when they decide to read some of the books on the way home since I haven’t had a chance to wipe them off. Sometimes, I’m surprised we make it out of the library w/anything.

    I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

  • Comment from Barb

    I would have never thought of cleaning library books when brining them into the house. Thanks for giving us all this idea! And BTW, I noticed that you were using a Basic H Shaklee spray!!!

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