Ode to My Mixer

Kitchen Aid mixer

My stand mixer is not working well. In fact, I’ve been using my hand mixer for the past month. Ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re a cook or a baker, then you know my pain. It hurts sooooo much, but I am a survivor and until I decide on the new color of the next mixer I get, my pain continues. In my spare time, I wrote a little something so that you too can understand how I really feel. Here is a haiku I wrote about my mixer. I think it captures truly how I feel.

A clearing of my throat…

You used to work well.
Now you are broken I’m sad.
I will replace you!

Thank you for your time and please leave your condolences in a comment.

What color would you choose? I’m leaning towards empire red.

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9 Responses to “Ode to My Mixer”

  • I think Kitchenaid normally comes out with pink mixers in October to help breast cancer research so if you could wait until then I would wait for the pink ones. If not, I’d go for the red for sure.

  • Comment from Joanna

    Stopping by for WW….I know your pain! I couldn’t imagine not having my stand mixer. With that being said…I have no idea which color I would choose, there are just so many colorful ones out there…If I were to choose to match my kitchen, it would be red!

  • Comment from Owen's Mom

    Oh, my sympathies. I do bake and could be lost without my dear, dear friend.

    I have been eyeing another… not cheating, just looking and the eggplant mixer looks mighty fine to me!

  • Comment from Tracy

    Such a pretty mixer, I think red or pink would be sweeeeet!

    Happy WW!

  • Comment from TheAngelForever

    Sorry to hear about your mixer. I probably shouldn’t mention that I have a mixer that I have never used from my bridal shower almost 10 years ago. Sad I know!

  • Comment from Michelle

    So sorry to hear….I love the red mixers…they pop!

  • Comment from noelle d

    oh, red sounds nice and spicy LOL

  • Comment from Rana

    I send my deepest sympathies :(

    I was going to suggest red myself(my favorite color). I bought my sister her Kitchen Aid mixer last year as an anniversary gift. She uses it every week at least two to three times a week. They are a good investment if you like to bake. Hope you can get one soon!

  • Comment from Misty

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one. I know how much these mixers can mean to a person who bakes all the time. Rana did get me my mixer and I use it as often as possible. Usually at least twice a week if not more. I got the black one because it goes with “everything”. Same with white. I’d go that route if I were you.

    By the way, gave you an award on my blog! Check it out!

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