Even the Best Fall Flat (9/365)

fallen homemade bread

Moments before this picture was taken, this loaf of bread had risen tall and was eager and ready for the oven. I came back a little later and it was flat. This was a kitchen disaster, at least for me. I kneaded it once again, popped it back into the pan, and waited another few hours for it to rise again. This was new for me because this is how my bread usually turns out. Everything turned out fine the second time around.

Have you ever had a big or small cooking disaster?

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16 Responses to “Even the Best Fall Flat (9/365)”

  • Oh no!!! Did you ever figure out what happened?

  • Awww man, I bet that would have been so good too. I’ve never attempted making bread that involves yeast. I’ve seen too many of my mother’s failed attempts, although she had a few good ones and eventually invested in a bread maker, but even that isn’t 100%.


    It actually worked out fine after kneading it again. I just can’t get enough of the bread making. I was scared to try at first, but now, I whip out, on average, about four loafs/week. I use a loaf pan instead of a bread machine because I like how the bread naturally shapes. I’ve had some big bread before; think bouffant hairdo.

  • Comment from Melissa

    Glad it worked out!

  • Comment from Michelle

    oh dear.what a shame..

  • Comment from MomOf4

    Second chances – we all kneed them once and a while. (I am so sorry – it is late and I could not resist! :) )

  • Comment from MomOf4

    Bummer, I should have spell checked before submitting! I meant KNEAD! (Man! That should have been funny and now it is just sad!) :)


    Really bad joke, but it is so late that I’m laughing. You’re bad like me. You couldn’t leave the misspelled word. Well, thank goodness for second chances because you “kneaded” one too.

  • Hopefully the second time it turned out for you !!

  • wow I have never heard of bread doing that . Never happened to me anyways. That reminds me I should make some bread tomorrow , umm there is nothing like the smell of fresh bread in your house.
    Hope you have a great day !


    I was totally surprised too especially since it rose so beautifully. It also has never happened to me. I’m just so glad that punching it for falling kneading it a little more was enough to make it rise again. It baked nicely after that.

    You’re so right. Fresh baked bread smells divine!

  • I think it is wonderful you made bread!

  • Oh no! It happens to the best of us.

    My most recent kitchen diaster was making a filled cake without a damn around the outside. Nightmare leakage!


    I apologize because I’m laughing at you. Don’t you just hate it when you make a cooking mistake like that when you should have known better? I’ve had a few that just made me shake my head; forgot the eggs or forgot the flower – can you believe it? I really like your site. Cook on!

  • Oh No! I bet it tasted delicious though!
    Over Christmas I wanted to bake cookies as a gift but they turned out super flat! I was crushed :(

    Happy WW!


    The bread actually turned out fine.

    I bet your cookies usually turn out nicely, but when you wanted to gift them, everything went wrong. It sounds like those Christmas cookies put a little bump in your holiday plans. I hope you were able to come up w/an alternate plan. If you missed Valentine’s Day, then you can always try again and make Easter cookies.

  • How strange! Glad it worked out.

  • Sorry about that, but have to admit: I’m glad to see it happens to other people! My bread often does that!

  • Oh I have had many a cooking disaster in my day. Sometimes it is small – once it involved burning beans and breaking a glass dish (an in I put it on a hot burner and it shattered).


    I totally hate it when that happens. Now that I have an electric stove (I miss my gas), it is harder to tell when an eye is hot and/or on. I need to pay attention more. I’ve burned many a pot. One, I had to even throw away.

  • Comment from Olivia

    It makes me think I’m smelling home made bread–one of my favorite smells in the whole world. Happy WW!

  • Comment from Stacey

    Great picture. Sadly, I’ve had many, many cooking disasters. I only do cook or bake out of necessity and I still don’t know how to bake bread from scratch. Sad, I know.


    You are missing out, but I know everyone doesn’t enjoy cooking. I use to rather wash dishes than cook. Now, I love to cook and can’t stand washing dishes.

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