I Can Hardly Contain Myself

I haven’t been this excited since I met Darling D

I mean since I had my first child, wait no,…

my second child…

okay, make that my third child.

This new and exciting news is in no way better than the aforementioned events, but in the long list of exciting times in my life, I’ve added one new experience. From now on, whenever I take a picture, I’ll be using my new Nikon D60. Actually, you may have already noticed a change in my photographs. The clarity and color are incredible and I’m looking forward to that DeMille close-up of my subjects.

I would say that it was due to all of the “silent” pining (I wasn’t too quiet) I did for this camera or the fact that after taking as many pictures as I did, I was deserving of a new camera, or that my camera was so old they didn’t make parts for it anymore.

Maybe, it was this picture I took, which is number 10,001, of competing overnight delivery trucks riding side-by-side as if to see who would make it to its delivery destination first (the Overnight truck had UPS cargo – UPS won). I take a lot of pictures just because I can and maybe it was time for that madness to stop.

We bought this camera the day River was born, almost eight years ago, and it has worn oh so very well leaving me with many wonderful memories to reflect upon in my old age.

Actually, it was none of those reasons. We were headed out for our stay in the Smoky Mountains and taking great pictures to preserve the memories was part of the vacation experience. That’s just what any normal, camera-takin’ fool like myself does. Instead of fantastic photographs like these…

this is what my photographs started looking like.

I also had a few that looked like this one. As you can imagine, that wasn’t going to work. No words were spoken and before I knew it, Darling D was on his computer looking for a new camera for me.

So from now on when you see me, I’ll probably look something like this.

UPDATE: I Upgraded

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